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About Us

Hello, I'm Cherry Williamson. I'm a proud mother of two amazing kids, Travel enthusiast, and the visionary behind Travelnluxe. I have been a Travel advisor since 2021. My background is in the medical field as a Registered Nurse with a master degree in care coordination. In my RN position, I mastered the art of patient/family advocacy, coordination of care and effective communication skills.These proficient attributes seamlessly facilitated my transition into the role of a travel advisor.

My passion for travel ignited during my formative years, as I moved from the Philippines to Japan at age 9 and later settled in Los Angeles at 12. This diverse upbringing cultivated a profound appreciation for travel. I passed on this sentiment to my children with the "gift of travel", prioritizing meaningful experiences over material possessions. This fueled my aspiration to  assist others in their own journeys, meticulously curating exceptional travel experiences.


Cherry Williamson

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